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Business Intelligence

The price tag of traditional BI solutions makes the total cost of ownership beyond the available budget of most SMBs. But the necessity to access timely information is critical in these difficult economic times.

Management and operational decisions need to occur in near real time so that costs, revenue, resources, customer satisfaction and retention, orders and payables can be managed effectively. Measurements to understand how the business is performing against strategic and tactical plans are necessary so that follow up action can occur in a timely manner to ensure the business continues to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Open source BI products continue to make significant strides in the marketplace and offer features and functionality that are comparable to proprietary BI products.

Pravina Solutions can help demonstrate how an open source BI solution is viable and assist the you in designing, developing, training and implementing the open source BI solution in the shortest possible duration. An investment in an open source BI solution ensures that there is little or no impact to the solutionís operating costs as your organization grows when the economy turns around. Now is the right time to make that investment. Not sure where to start with BI? You need a Readiness Assessment.

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