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Readiness Assessment 

Your organization is considering a Data Warehouse or Business Intelligence (BI) solution to address access to timely and accurate reports for decision making in a cost effective manner. But are there lingering questions that have not been answered? Like, is there a broad consensus among top managers to leverage BI? What is the best way to proceed with a BI project and how long it will take? How much money should we budget and how many resources will be needed? What risks do we have to mitigate? And, what are the tangible business benefits that we will realize?

Pravina Solutions can help answer these questions with a Readiness Assessment. It is an assessment of an organization’s business, technology, culture, processes and people to determine the probability of success of a BI initiative. Our experience in project management, business analysis, data analysis and BI technical architecture provides us the tools to effectively conduct the analysis necessary to propose a recommendation that will ensure your BI initiative is successful.

Our proven 4-step approach ensures we effectively deliver a viable BI Implementation Roadmap. This Roadmap consist of a high-level project plan, proposed scope, resource plan, order of magnitude for budget and timelines, known risks and mitigation strategy, technical recommendation and a rollout strategy including change management.

Performing a BI Readiness Assessment is a critical initiative in the successful implementation of a BI solution because it helps “design” Return on Investment (ROI) into BI initiatives from the outset. A small investment in a relatively short BI Readiness Assessment will tangibly demonstrate the readiness of your organization for a BI initiative.

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