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Business Process Management

Demands for increased compliance, accountability and better financial returns only seem to increase at an unprecedented pace in an organization. Business process management increasingly is seen as a way to effectively manage the growing complexity of a modern business.

What is Business Process Management?

Business Process Management (BPM) is the practice of managing a company by focusing on defining and monitoring business processes. Using the improved understanding of the processes enables businesses to conduct performance optimization to meet operational and strategic goals.

What Can Pravina Solutions Do?

Pravina Solutions will help automate the processes that are unique to the operations of your company that provide significant business value. These processes are key to maintaining competiveness and winning in the marketplace. As a partner of the open source software ProcessMaker, a proven product in automating BPM and workflow we will work with you to develop an automated workflow process. 

The operational value proposition of BPM implemented in an automated workflow is the ability to process more with less effort, achieve higher quality and grow revenues while containing headcount growth and operating expenses.

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